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The board

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Foto: Stein Inge Larsen
Stein Inge Larsen
  • Chairman
  • It’s important for me to be part of the solution, contributing alternative methods of salmon farming for a healthier future, and that means healthier investment.

    As the Co-Founder and Chairman of the board at Viking Aqua AS since 2017 I can say that our timing and location is perfect, close to all the best Norway has to offer.

    Over my career I’ve been a founder, entrepreneur and investor in numerous sectors within real estate and the transport industry. With life-long experience and involvement in the fish industry, across several companies. It runs in the family, my father was a aquaculture pioneer in trout farming; I’m proud to bridge our heritage with a healthier future.

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Foto: Willy Roger Jacobsen
Willy Roger Jacobsen
  • Board member
  • My passion for sustainability and the green shift drives my commitment to Viking Aqua achieving sustainability at all levels of salmon production.

    Co-Founding and being a member of the board at Viking Aqua since 2017, I’m also the Managing Director, Co-Founder and investor at Live Seafood since 2012.

    As a leader and business developer for more than 20 years with significant experience in sales, as well as marketing and communications, I have taken a special interest in how technology and global trends are transforming the future of food production. With eduction in Sales and Marketing from the Marketing School in Bergen, I have throughout these years worked in various roles within the food industry.

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Foto: Kristoffer G. V. Vassdal
Kristoffer G. V. Vassdal
  • Board Member
  • I’m passionate about salmon and their natural environments. As a fly fisherman I understand the fragility of wild stocks. Inspired by their determination and grit, I’m proud to be part of the solution.

    As a member of Viking Aqua's board I bring leading expertise in Public Accounting & Risk Management. I was the founder of an accounting agency in Bergen, expanding to offices in Oslo and Stavanger; a great success confirmed by PwC, acquiring the business in 2012. Whereby I joined to improve market share of accounting clients, holding a position on the board of PwC and being the national Risk Management Partner of PwC Accounting. I hold lectures on economics and taxes, especially recognised for my work in the cultural sector and as a published author.