Our team is made up of 5th generation fishermen, former Apple employees & surfers, coders, marine biologists and the brainpower of 2 PhDs.

Core team

Cathrine Neumann-Fagereng Cathrine Neumann-Fagereng
Foto: Cathrine Neumann-Fagereng
Cathrine Neumann-Fagereng
  • Office Manager
  • I want to see a difference in the world, I want to see fish farming as a truly sustainable industry. It is not only a global investment in people’s health to produce zero-plastic proteins on land, but also for the future of marine life which have been affected and exploited by humans for far too long. To help this come to fruition, I make sure that my brilliant colleagues always have rapid and top-quality support available and adequate systems and equipment to do their wonders!

    Before Viking Aqua I have performed in front of an audience with dolphins as ‘aqua woman’, I have handled life insurance plans for companies and their employees, and I have managed pop stars. Now my stars are our salmon.

Peder Bruce Peder Bruce
Foto: Peder Bruce
Peder Bruce
  • CEO
  • My ambition is to provide the highest quality protein at a time of increasing demand, while leaving the planet in better shape than we found it. To make this happen my job is to build and energize the very talented team at Viking Aqua.

    Before leading this great team, I’ve been a part of many leading start-ups around the world from California to Bergen. We have an incredible opportunity with building an eco-bubble here in the aquaculture capital of the world.

Ingar Valvik Ingar Valvik
Foto: Ingar Valvik
Ingar Valvik
  • CFO
  • Through proper and honest craftsmanship I want to create value and contribute to more sustainable food production. Together with the rest of the team at VA, I make sure that the company’s plans are realistic and achievable. My focus is to continual development of sustainable strategies that provide a healthy and ethical economy.

    In collaboration with the CEO, my responsibility is to establish a financial framework that allows for necessary investments to accomplish a solid ground to grow and achieve greatness. Before joining Viking Aqua I’ve been a banker and a goalkeeper; two talents that allow me to appreciate risk, the importance of safety and the value of a great team.

Trond Ove Høie.jpg Trond Ove Høie.jpg
Foto: Trond Ove Høie
Trond Ove Høie
  • Project Director
  • I’m driven by the commitment of Viking Aqua to produce the world’s most sustainable salmon. To make that happen I am responsible for building the world’s most technically advanced and sustainable fish farming facility, where superior fish welfare is one of the biggest drivers.

    After 20 years working with control systems and projects in the oil industry, I am now excited to devote my time to ensure that Viking Aqua has a true valuable impact on the health of our natural environment and in producing healthier food.

Maren Ødegaard Tangen Maren Ødegaard Tangen
Foto: Maren Ødegaard Tangen
Maren Ødegaard Tangen
  • Sustainability Manager
  • I want to see the influence of Viking Aqua as a leader of sustainable aquaculture; inspiring change. My contribution is through sustainability research related to all aspects of our work. That includes searching for opportunities and challenges to fit the best overall transparent sustainability strategy.

    In the past I have worked as a volunteer to spread knowledge about biodiversity and how to take care of the ocean. In addition, I have done a great amount of research on crop circles as a young and curious teenager.

Svein Skorpen Svein Skorpen
Foto: Svein Skorpen
Svein Skorpen
  • Controller
  • I am grateful for the opportunity of being part of building such an innovative and invigorating company, from the ground up. This inspires me to contribute even more, to help realizing the ambitious plans of the founders and owners. In addition to assisting Viking Aqua with the development of the company’s financial management systems from A to Z, I handle board work, conduct reporting, analysis, budgeting and forecasting.

    I have worked with the company’s founders for several years and know what they are capable of accomplishing. I also have extensive experience working with all kinds of founders and start-ups, not only businesswise, but also in terms of projects for my local neighborhood’s sports team and the local elementary school; community is at the heart of it.

Terje Ones Terje Ones
Foto: Terje Ones
Terje Ones
  • Project Engineer
  • I believe that Viking Aqua is changing the future of salmon farming. By building the world's most technological and environmentally friendly land-based salmon farm, I am proud to say I am part of it. My job is to choose equipment and solutions that best suit our vision and to achieve our strategy.

    In the past I have worked in the construction industry and have been involved in building large and demanding buildings, with a degree as a marine engineer. So fish on land is a beautiful marriage for me.

Cropped_BH.jpg Cropped_BH.jpg
Foto: Borghild Hillestad
Borghild Hillestad
  • Director of Fish Welfare
  • The project Viking Aqua has initiated, building a massive, innovative, and sustainable RAS facility for land-based Atlantic salmon production, is the most ambiguous and spectacular project I have ever had the chance to become a part of. Imagine participating in planning, building and growing a company for salmon production from the very beginning, where animal welfare and sustainability are two of the ground pillars of the company! I will make sure our fish thrive, stay healthy, grow well and enjoy their life here at Viking Aqua, from ova to termination.

    I came from the field of animal breeding and genetics and had the pleasure to lead the breeding program of the Atlantic salmon strains of a world leading company in breeding and genetics for aquaculture, for the last 6-7 years. In addition, I run a farm with my husband, producing free-range pigs and just recently started wine grape production to produce Norwegian sparkling wine.

Cropped_KN.jpg Cropped_KN.jpg
Foto: Kjartan Nesse
Kjartan Nesse
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • I believe that land-based salmon farming and the larger aquaculture industry is standing at a crossroad, with a huge potential for an industry wide disruption driven by technology and a shift in sustainability priorities. Together with the VA team I will work hard to accelerate the change towards a more sustainable industry, and to position VA and our partners to capitalize on opportunities following the change.

    Before joining VA, I have spent 20+ years primarily working in the oil and gas industry holding a wide range of roles ranging from advanced numerical modelling to global M&A.

    I’m passionate about innovation and scaling technology and technology companies to an industrial scale, making a real difference to the sustainability of our industry.

Arild Hagenes Arild Hagenes
Foto: Arild Hagenes
Arild Hagenes
  • Fish Health Advisor
  • I want to produce happy-go-lucky salmon of superior quality. As Fish Health Advisor, my responsibility is the salmon’s health and wellbeing throughout their whole life. Our ethics at Viking Aqua means that being the world’s most sustainable salmon farm can’t compromise on the health of salmon, but increases standards across the board.

    Before becoming part of the Viking Aqua team I was the general manager in turnaround-operations of fish smolt hatchery and RAS fish farms, bring years of experience into this new operation.

avatar-01.png avatar-01.png
Foto: Production Director
Production Director
  • Team member announced soon
avatar-01.png avatar-01.png
Foto: Project Electrical Engineer
Project Electrical Engineer
  • Team member announced soon


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