Vision & Mission


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Our need for protein doesn’t need to cost us the Earth

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has addressed the need for change to avoid serious environmental consequences. Changes in biodiversity and greenhouse gas emissions pose an increasing risk to nature and society. The time for inaction is over. Action and change are needed. The world's population is constantly growing, causing the need for food and new sustainable methods of food production. As of now, food production and its industry primarily affect biodiversity and greenhouse gases. Therefore, a good balance between the extraction of the Earth's food resources and the Earth's capacity for reproduction is essential in a longer time horizon. Viking Aqua wishes to find sustainable solutions to our salmon production, producing the most nutritious food with the lowest possible environmental and climate impacts.

The company

The Company has been granted a concession to produce 33,000 tonnes of Atlantic salmon farmed on land in Skipavika, thereof 5,600 tonnes post-smolt and 27,400 tonnes of harvest-sized salmon.


“Viking Aqua's vision is to create value through innovation and data-driven knowledge. The Company shall be the world's leading centre of excellence for land-based farming. The overall strategy is based on the five pillars;

Partnership, Technology, Sustainability, Fish Welfare and R&D”.


“The Company's mission is to design and build The Next Generation RAS facility for Atlantic Salmon in Skipavika, Gulen on the West Coast of Norway”.