Our salmon

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Written by: Viking Aqua AS
5. juli 2021 12:47
At Viking Aqua we’re launching off from 50+ years of research, investment, and development of Norwegain salmon farming; and centuries of culture between the sea and land.

Every aspect of our Eco-Bubble design, from the facility to operations has our salmon at the heart of it. With total transparency and traceability across the lifespan of each salmon from hatchery to dispatchery.

Our salmon start life in the hatchery, with 2.4 mill eggs entering the hatchery every 8th week. In our 17.000 m2 combined smolt and post-smolt facility, salmon are raised from egg to post-smolt while being monitored by the world’s most technologically advanced control and monitoring system for land based fish farming.

Intelligent lighting systems ensure optimal welfare and growth of our salmon; guaranteeing the absolute salmon-ideal environment.


Photo by AquaGen


Photo by AquaGen

Every eight weeks our salmon flow to a new area, corresponding to their size. All happening within a specious area of 64.000 m2, raised in multiple 2000 m3 tanks; from post-smolt to fully grown Atlantic salmon.

Our salmon are monitored and fed throughout their lifecycle from the centralized control room from where our highly skilled team, assisted by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, have full overview and control of the RAS and all aspects of the environment of the fish. Ensuring our salmon will be protected from stress exposure and foreign substances throughout the life cycle.

Once our grownup Atlantic salmon reach a weight of 4,6kg they flow into the purge area for a short period, after which they are processed at the dispatchery. A fully automated process within our facility, eliminating unnecessary transportation and guaranteeing the highest standards of care.

With our flexible production, the customer can choose whole fish or VAP, fresh or frozen and within the best of freezing technology.

You can read more about our project here:


Photo by AquaGen